Ready to visit Isla Nublar in a premium interactive audio adventure from Universal and Earplay? Travel with podcaster Janet Best in a daring attempt to report on the fate of the dinosaurs as the island’s dormant volcano roars to life. Just say, “Alexa, visit Jurassic World” or visit the skill page to enable.

Jurassic World Revealed is a new interactive audio story set during the events of the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom timeline. This skill is playable in six chapters, including over an hour of replayable interactive story from beginning to end.

© 2018 Universal Studios and Amblin Entertainment, Inc. Jurassic World and all related marks is a trademark and copyright of Universal Studios and Amblin Entertainment, Inc. Developed by Earplay, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Creator: Earplay

Partner: Universal Studios Interactive

Preview Release Date: May 29

Premium Story Release Date: June 22

Genres: Adventure