The facts are plain. The truth is hidden. Will you identify the traitor and stop them before time runs out?

You are “November,” leader of a trio of CIA field operatives pursuing a clever enemy with a penchant for boobytraps. Solve life-or-death puzzles and uncover new information as the trail leads back home – a mole in your organization, possibly on your own team!

JACK RYAN: November Morning is an escape-the-room style interactive story set in the world of Prime Video’s “Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan” television series. It features five chapters of intrigue, portrayed with rich sound design and a full cast.

Featuring: Wendell Pierce, Kat Cressida, Julie Nathanson, Kaiji Tang, Chris Ciulla, and Joe Zieja.

Creator: Earplay

Partner: Amazon Prime Video

Release Date: August 2019

Genres: Adventure, Mystery-Thriller